Go Brazil, Go by Spike Lee { 18 images } Created 30 Apr 2012

Spike Lee is shooting a new documentary Go Brazil, Go - with a lot of locations & interviews among the country- here in Vigario Geral favela, suburb & North Zone of Rio de Janeiro - at the headquarter of the Afro-Reggae NGO known for offering opportunities through music to favela kids. The documentary is to be ready in May 2014 two months before the Football World Cup in Brazil. Spike aims diffusion in cinemas/ theaters first.
The movie "Go Brazil, Go" is to be a wide angle portrait of a country on the move, going ahead, politically, economically & culturally. Spike Lee already met the president Dilma Roussef, and Lula, to convince them to appear and give interviews. He already interviewed Gilberto Gil, Caetano Veloso, and plans to do so with actors from the Brazilian cinema; community leaders in São Paulo & Rio de Janeiro. He did his first trip now in late April and plans to come back four or five times more.

In 1996 Spike Lee already realized in Brazil the video clip of ''They don't care about us" by Michael Jackson.
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